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Zhangjiagang Alustar Material Co.,Ltd.

ভাল মানের Medical Trolley বিক্রয়ের জন্য
ভাল মানের Medical Trolley বিক্রয়ের জন্য
ক্রেতার পর্যালোচনা
perfect style, my customer like. thanks

—— Camille Rose Espeleta

Angie, good stretcher and qualtiy, comfortable

—— Mr.lingam

electric couch, good!

—— miss Fadipe

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Zhangjiagang Alustar Material Co.,Ltd.

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Zhangjiagang Alustar Material Co.,Ltd. Zhangjiagang Alustar Material Co.,Ltd. Zhangjiagang Alustar Material Co.,Ltd.

কোম্পানি বিবরণ:

ব্যবসার ধরণ : উত্পাদক
প্রধান বাজার : উত্তর আমেরিকা
দক্ষিণ আমেরিকা
পশ্চিম ইউরোপ
পূর্ব ইউরোপ
পূর্ব এশিয়া
দক্ষিণ - পূর্ব এশিয়া
এমপ্লয়িজ নং : 100~150
বছর প্রতিষ্ঠিত : 2008
রপ্তানি পিসি : 90% - 100%

Welcome to Zhangjiagang Alustar Material Co., Ltd, we located in Zhangjiagang city, not far from Shanghai Port, which is famous for its medical instruments in China.

We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of medical equipment and hospital furniture. Specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of new products.

Our products include: Kinds of hospital bed, such as ICU bed, Electric bed, Manual bed, Examination couch, Baby crib etc. Emergency folding stretcher, Ambulance stretcher and Stretcher Trolley, Accompany chairs and Bedside Cabinet, Dining Table, Step Stool, Drip Stand, Chairs, Mattress etc accessories. Our equipment is widely application in Medical, Hospital, Hotel, Military, First-aid and Social Service Organization.

To provide the highest quality medical products( main material: Aluminium alloy, Stainless steel, ABS, PE^^) to worldwide customer by providing competitive price., We have a strict system and product certification: CE, FDA, ISO standard.

High Quality & Excellent Services to meet domestic and abroad markets and customers.





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Zhangjiagang Alustar Material Co.,Ltd.

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